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  • Any Size - No matter how big or small, ThomasGerald,LLC can create a custom garage or addition for you. Whether the garage will hold only the family car and some lawn equipment or your entire classic car collection, we can build a garage to meet your specific needs.

  • Storage Capacity - If you can’t part with the family treasures, but don’t have room to store them in your home, ThomasGerald,LLC can build you a garage to safely tuck them away. If you have recreational vehicles that need to be stored during the off-season, We can construct a garage to keep them secure until they are ready to be used again.

  • Any Style - ThomasGerald,LLC assists you in selecting a garage or addition  design that will compliment the appearance of your house. Our craftsman can build any style that meets your needs including, gable roof garages, reverse gable garages, hip roof garages, mansard roof garages,  roof deck garages or gambrel garages

Our experienced garage and addition designers can guide you through choices to best fit your purpose, budget, and personal taste. When you choose a ThomasGerald,llc, you can feel confident that Thomas Gerald  construction delivers the best value at the most desirable price. Our solid reputation in the upstate area makes your investment an easy and logical choice. Let our garage or addition  designers assist you in the design of your custom plan. Contact us for a FREE Estimate. We would be happy to serve you.

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